Dear Fridge-to-go!

I just wanted to let you know how valuable your Fridge-to-go was for me on my recent trek above the Arctic circle. I have been injecting an arthritis medication for the past 5 years that requires refrigeration. In the past when I have traveled, I've had to carry a bulky freezer pack that never lasted long enough. Now, I simply remove my Fridge-to-go from the freezer and place my medication inside. Given its compact size it easily stored in my luggage. We had a long flight to Greenland, a bus ride to the dock followed by a wild Zodiac ride from shore to ship. This all took more than 8 hours and my medication was still cold by the time I was able to get to the fridge in our room. I then place the Fridge-to-go into the freezer and it was ready to perform returning duties with my remaining medication. I was so impressed, that during our Arctic adventure, I happily shared information on my "great find" with other passengers on the ship.

Thanks again, it will come in handy many times!

Michael Riley
Ontario, Canada